Day: August 4, 2016

Neither of us wants to see a rat foot or blowfly eggs in our food. Photo / iStock

Lynley Tulloch: Gruesome food discoveries expose the offal truth

First it was blowfly eggs in a piece of chicken discovered by an Auckland woman in January this year. And now a rat’s foot has been found in a saveloy sausage by a Whanganui toddler less than two months later. There is a high ick factor here, and food for thought on the dietary choices we make. (more…)

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The opening of the duck hunting season is upon us again. Photo / Supplied

Lynley Tulloch: Habitat crowding lame excuse for duck hunting

I read the recent promotion of duck shooting advertisement in the Herald on Sunday with disquiet. You see, I have always been one to stick up for the underdog (in this case the underduck). The duck certainly needs an ally. It’s not as if they can build trenches in the wetlands and shoot back at the hunters. (more…)

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Lynley Tulloch: Cruel cultural tradition right under our noses

Lynley Tulloch is a lecturer in education at the University of Waikato

Victor Barrio and Lorenzo the Manos bull had a terrible and deathly battle on Saturday, one that ended badly for them both. (more…)

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Gabriel, with friends. Gabriel was destined for the slaughter house before Lynley rescued him.

Pet of the day: Fate led Gabriel to me

By Lynley Tulloch

They say that fate is the result of both choice and chance.

This I believe to be true, as it was a combination of both that led to Gabriel coming into my life and changing it forever. (more…)

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